Creating Your Adoption Plan in Florida

The adoption process can seem daunting at first glance. But creating an adoption plan in Florida can ease your concerns as you begin this life-changing journey. An adoption plan is a playbook for your adoption and will allow you to:

  • Find the perfect family for your baby based on your preferences.
  • Determine the amount of contact you want before and after the adoption.
  • Decide how much you want the adoptive family involved during the hospital stay.

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How Do I Give My Baby Up for Adoption in Florida?

After choosing adoption, these five steps can start your adoption journey:

  • Step 1: Find a reputable adoption agency
  • Step 2: Create your personalized adoption plan in Florida
  • Step 3: Find an adoptive family
  • Step 4: Get to know the adoptive family (if you want)
  • Step 5: Complete the adoption and receive post-placement support

As you build your adoption plan in Florida, there’s something else you should keep in mind, too. Choosing to give your baby up for adoption in Florida is not “giving up” on your baby. Rather, you’re giving them the gift of a brighter future.

Choosing adoption is a selfless, brave decision that’s made with the best interests of your baby at heart. It can be the first step you take in getting your life back on track in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.

Deciding to give a baby up for adoption in Florida means:

  • A loving family for your baby
  • Financial assistance that covers 100% of your hospital – and pregnancy-related – costs
  • A brighter future for you and your child

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Making an Adoption Plan in Florida

Just like the adoption process itself has evolved, so have modern adoption plans in Florida.

When it comes to making an adoption plan in Florida, you’ll call all the shots while your adoption professional does all the heavy lifting for you.

Before starting your adoption plan, you need to:

  • Contact an adoption professional.
  • Be certain about your adoption decision.
  • Determine what kind of future you want for your baby.

No two adoptions are ever the same, and that goes for adoption plans, too. Still, there are some general steps that you can expect to take. Here are five steps to creating your adoption plan in Florida:

Step 1: Select a Family

One of the most important parts of your adoption plan in Florida is finding the perfect family for your baby.

Some of the things that can be important to you when looking for an adoptive family are:

  • Parenting style
  • Religious or personal values
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • Home life and neighborhood
  • Other biological or adopted children

Step 2: Get to Know the Family (If You Want)

Once you find the perfect adoptive family, you can begin to get to know them, if you want.

Open adoptions have become the norm with most modern adoption plans in Florida. This allows some level of communication between you, the adoptive family and your child.

That communication can start as soon as you choose the family and can continue throughout your hospital stay and after the adoption is completed.

But at the end of the day, you’re in charge of the adoption. The level of communication is ultimately decided by you.

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Step 3: Plan the Hospital Stay

Before your due date, you’ll plan your hospital stay as part of making an adoption plan in Florida. You make all the decisions for your adoption plan. And you’ll make all the decisions for your hospital plan, too.

This plan will ensure the big day goes smoothly and according to your wants and needs for the hospital stay.

Step 4: Discuss Post-Placement Contact

Your adoption specialist will be involved to make sure the adoptive family upholds the level of contact you agreed upon in your planned adoption in Florida.

But as touched upon above, the level of contact is ultimately up to you.

A benefit of choosing open adoption is the flexibility it provides. You have the right to limit or cease contact with the family if you decide you need less contact.

If you want more contact, your adoption specialist can discuss options for adjusting your open adoption agreement with the family, too.

Step 5: Complete the Adoption and Begin Life as a Birth Parent

Post-adoption life can be whatever you want it to be. Everyone moves forward in their own way.

For you, beginning life as a birth parent can mean:

  • A fresh start
  • Resuming your life as “normal”
  • Pursuing your life goals

Start Making an Adoption Plan in Florida Today

Determining every aspect of your adoption can seem overwhelming. But with the right adoption agency by your side, you’ll have someone to guide you through every step of the process.

Making an adoption plan is an integral part of the adoption process and your planned adoption in Florida.

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